Fire at Will’s

First book of the Estela Nogales Mysteries

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A body discovered … a shocking secret revealed … The house next door explodes in a gasoline-fueled blaze, sending psychologist Estela Nogales and her neighbors racing to fight the flames. It’s October in California, and the entire canyon is threatened with fiery destruction. Nestled in the oak-studded coastal mountains, the village of Arroyo Loco is rife with quirky residents, endless bickering, and long-simmering animosities. Arson is another matter. Once the fire is quelled, the community learns the sheriff’s detectives are spending the weekend at a sensitivity-training workshop in Big Sur. It falls to Estela and an eclectic collection of neighbors to conduct their own investigation and find the arsonist living among them. What begins as speculation over coffee becomes a more urgent and dangerous search when a body is discovered in the charred wreckage, another resident turns up missing, and a shocking secret is revealed. Too often joined by Estela’s irrepressible border collies, who regard any fence as a mere suggestion, the residents in Arroyo Loco must negotiate their own frailties and the rules of an officious and dysfunctional homeowners association (aren’t they all?) as they try to solve the mysteries before anyone else falls victim.

Reviews for Fire at Will’s

“Estela emerges as a spunky character with a wry sense of humor and a astute eye for describing the residents of Arroyo Loco (a moniker that as you read, becomes more apt).”– Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Reviewer

“… one of those well-done mysteries that keeps the reader guessing throughout, then when all is revealed, it adds up perfectly and you wonder why you hadn’t figured it out for yourself.” – Marilyn Reynolds, author of the Hamilton High series, realistic teen fiction

“Cherie O’Boyle knows how to turn a reader upside down as she weaves a story I couldn’t put down.” – Meredith Linden, Owner, Editorial Wizard

“The characters are intriguing, many of the lines are very funny, and the mystery is a good puzzle.” – Todd Borg, author of the Owen McKenna Tahoe Mysteries

“With humor and keen insight into human nature, author Cherie O’Boyle offers up a clever cozy mystery filled with a varied and quirky cast of characters…each…a classic slice of the diverse California lifestyle. O’Boyle’s inventive homage to the HOA rules-gone-crazy communities springing up all over the country makes “Fire at Will’s” laugh-out-loud fun!” – Chanticleer Book Reviews

“There are twists & turns galore in this mystery. I was kept guessing almost to the very end. I look forward to reading Iced Tee, another book of this author’s soon.” – InJoyful Book Reviews/Facebook website.

Fire at Will's (Estela Nogales #1)

Second book of the Estela Nogales Mysteries

Iced Tee is the Winner of the 2015 Mystery & Mayhem “Small Town Cozy Mystery” Award from Chanticleer Book Reviews

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The community freezer is opened, revealing the frozen corpse of an elderly neighbor. It is a peaceful spring morning along Arroyo Loco’s oak-studded canyon, but there is growing dissension in the community. The old homes and friendly porches are being threatened with demolition in favor of gated California McMansions. Controversy simmers, then boils over when the community freezer is opened, revealing the frozen corpse of an elderly neighbor stuffed into what has become an icy crypt. Residents each have their own theories, and the air is rife with recriminations after the gruesome discovery.

Iced Tee

Reviews for Iced Tee

“Ms O’Boyle’s wit and plot development make Iced Tee a great read. I loved it and recommend it to everyone! Even the border collies have input to solving the case.” – Nancy E. Exley

“Another winner! In Iced Tee the lively interaction among the mostly dysfunctional Arroyo Loco “family” continues. Cherie O’Boyle created characters that we love or we love to hate, they are quirky, they are goofy, and they are anything but boring.” – Jonel J

“After having read and throughly enjoyed Fire at Will’s, I was wondering if I would like Iced Tee as much; I was not disappointed. Ms. O’Boyle weaves the mystery of who killed Tee with beautiful descriptions of the environment, characters and plot. Just when I thought I had figured out the story, Ms. O’Boyle adds twists and turns which keep me very interested in the story. I hope Ms. O’Boyle continues to produce these Estela Nogales mysteries.” – Gail Sanabria

Iced Tee (Estela Nogales #2)

Missing Mom

Third book of the Estela Nogales Mysteries

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Everyone’s best friend, Nina, disappears, leaving only faint traces and ominous evidence. No one knows where she and her Lexus have gone, or what happened to her money. While the residents of Arroyo Loco may be quirky and prone to bickering, they always snap into action to protect one another, at least as long as Freda keeps those pastries coming. Once again, Estela Nogales and her neighbors must search for answers, and fast, fearing one of them may be next.

Reviews for Missing Mom

Both as a PI and as an author and reader, I have always found searching for a missing person to be a more satisfying plot than a murder investigation, because it at least might have the happy ending of finding that person. This is a great “Where is she?” story about one of the residents of Arroyo Loco, which is a place I love to visit. Can’t wait for the next book in the Estela Nogales series. – Pamela Beason, author of The Only Witness

Yes!!! A mystery for intelligent people who like puzzlers and don’t require the blood and gore that most mysteries offer. It’s so satisfying to watch Estela, her neighbors and a detective search for clues to solve a mystery, using their brains and insight into human behavior. It’s a great read! – Nancy Flagg

Another rollicking visit to Arroyo Loco. I enjoyed this book maybe even a little more than the other two, if that is possible. I love the way … the book flows, so much so that it is hard to put down, therefore I missed some sleep! – Vivian Rambo I enjoyed “Missing Mom” the best out of the Estela Nogales Mystery Series. The first two were engaging, quirky & a build up for “Missing Mom”. I got to know the characters from the” Crazy Canyon” & they grow on you! Looking forward to the next book! I especially liked the California Coast location where the mysteries take place. – Carole Chancellor

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

Fourth book of the Estela Nogales Mysteries

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Estela Nogales is caught in the middle when the perfect murder sets off chaos during final exams week. Together with Detective Muñoz, who is stymied by the lack of evidence and witnesses scattering for the summer, Estela must use her acute powers of observation to help identify the killer. One calamity after another disrupts the investigation, and Estela is pursued at every turn by the mysterious figure in the hat, even home to Arroyo Loco where a fresh set of crises are unleashed.

Deadly Disguise

Reviews for Deadly Disguise

“When Estela teams up with Detective Muñoz to investigate the suspicious death of Professor Freuhauf, she discovers that the university where she works is nearly as crazy as the community that she lives in. Seemingly, everyone wanted to get rid of the victim, and all for good reasons. It was fun to follow the twists and turns in another entertaining story in this charming series. Keep ‘em coming, O’Boyle!” – Pamela Beason, Author of The Only Witness

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

The Boy Who Bought It

NEW Fifth book of the Estela Nogales Mysteries

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University psychologist, Estela Nogales is all set for a relaxing summer break, maybe join a gym, adopt a new hobby, or curl up with a few good books. The fun she anticipates does not include identifying the dead body her dogs discover washed up on the beach. And she certainly has no reason to expect the mystery will lead her right back to the quiet neighborhood of Arroyo Loco and her friends there. The boy who bought it may have gotten what was coming to him, and at the hands of those he wronged, but as the investigation unravels the clues, there turns out to be more to the story.